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The Mission

It starts with the shave gel, but it's not about the shave gel. What we're spreading is the concept of using only ingredients that resonate with the healthy world we want to live in, and not settling for products that don't move us toward that.

In alchemy, things are transformed gradually, step-by-step, and in iterations into more perfect versions of themselves. This can be a body, a mind, or an idea. With the use of Lunar Alchemy products, the body might be improved by the switch to healthy ingredients. The mind might be more aware of the benefits of choosing toiletries made of harmless substances. But ideas are what change the world, and the idea that we can switch what we consume to products made exclusively from substances naturally found in and harmless to the ocean is how we'll move the world toward a more perfect state.

How does this tie in to what we buy? When we spend money on something, we cast an economic vote for more of that in the future. We incentivize other companies to become more like the one we choose to patronize. We change the world with these tiny free-market votes. Today it's a vote for shave gel made only of ingredients found in the ocean, but tomorrow it might be a vote for better food. The next day a vote for better healthcare, better education, better lollipops. We live in the world we create. Don't let the world we live in create you.