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About Us

Lunar Alchemy was born of freediving and chemicalphobia. So the tale must start from there.

One fine day in March, Vic and Mel took a freediving class in San Diego. This is a sport that uses a specialized type of wetsuit known as an "open cell" wetsuit which requires lubrication to get in to. On this day, they watched as veteran divers lubed up with cheap hair conditioner and trapped it against their skin by donning the wetsuits. There it would remain for hours.

Aware of how fast our skin absorbs chemicals, Vic and Mel had brought the more natural Dr. Bronner's castille soap. Soon, however, their skin would be itchy and dry, and sensitive Vic would have a rash.

We thought there must be a better way. Conditioners, like most of today's personal care products, contain many chemicals that we would never eat (preservatives, colorants, fragrances, texturizers...) but almost everything we put on our skin soaks through, into our capillaries, and into our entire bodies. And as the irritation let us know, soap wasn't ideal either. But then how were we supposed to get in to our open cell suits?

To the laboratory! Or the kitchen. Soon a slippery seaweed lubricant was born, preserved with colloidal silver and MSM (both sold in the supplement aisle and both naturally present in the ocean). The seaweed gel was healthy for the whole body, and didn't dry out our skin like things containing soaps or surfactants. It was perfect for donning open cell wetsuits... And also for shaving :D

So, in time, wetsuit lube turned in to shave gel. Vic and Mel were joined by Sam, because everything is better with friends. And now we are three, out to save the world with seaweed, silver, and sulfur. And a little bit of alchemy.