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About Bitcoin Cash

The bitcoin project launched in 2009 when a pseudonymous entity known as Satoshi Nakamoto launched the first ever public proof-of-work blockchain. The world was forever changed.

Ten years later, full of infighting, chain splits, an explosion of crypto coins and tokens, propaganda campaigns run by conflicting interests, countless multi-million-dollar hacks, and massively manipulated markets (all's fair in love, war, and bitcoin)... the project is still on a tear.

But why does this page say "bitcoin cash" instead of just "bitcoin?" The answer is that while "bitcoin" is grammatically singular, the bitcoin project is now made up of multiple competing chains with different, independent coins. To effectively co-exist and compete, they must have different names, so part of the project re-branded as "Bitcoin Cash" (also known as BCH). All chains in the bitcoin project have common ancestry from 2009 to 2017, but something known as a "chain split" happened because of a critical and irreconcilable disagreement about whether growth should happen ON or OFF of the chain.

While textbooks could be written about the economics, technical structure, and history of the bitcoin project, all I will say here is that the goal of the project is to create sound, global money. This means money immune to manipulation through inflation. This means freedom from the people printing money at the Federal Reserve, who re-allocate the value straight from our USD holdings via inflation. Even the value of the cash under grandma's mattress is re-allocated at will by whomever controls the Fed's activities.

So without getting too deep in to the details... Bitcoin Cash is the most promising chain in the bitcoin project, and the only one that still has a shot at becoming sound, global money. We are happy to accept it, talk about it, and send stickers to help spread it.

Shoot us a note with any questions. May all our exchanges be mutually beneficial :)