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What is Lunar Alchemy

 What do I mean, alchemy? And why is our company thus named, you ask?

In alchemy, each planet, the moon, and the sun have corresponding metals. The moon's metal is silver, and long before alchemy and chemistry split into two bickering methods of truth-seeking, alchemists made colloidal silver on nights with a full moon. As it turns out, colloidal silver is amazingly antimicrobial, and serves as an alternative to toxic preservatives when combined with the bioavailable sulfur compound MSM. Together they effectively and naturally preserve even highly perishable seaweed gel from microbial growth while keeping the mixture benign to the skin, body, and ocean environment that it will inevitably return to. So in honor of our most valued ingredient we are Lunar Alchemy.

While it is thrilling to sell shave gel, the intention is to tinker in the lab to find formulations that replace more and more personal care products with food grade versions. No chemical shall ever enter our products that the owners don't feel comfortable eating at least a small amount of!

If this resonates with you, and you have a personal care product that you wish were more natural and benign to the environment, send a note to and perhaps it can be formulated next. Only together can we spread the solution!